Sweden Rock Festival 2019

Another year have passed since we last enjoyed great performances from bands, the sun, beer, good food and meeting up with lots of friends at Sweden Rock Festival – a highlight of the year for me. I always have a blast down in Sölvesborg during those four days and last year was no exception. However, I must say that a red flag appeared when SRF decided to increase numbers of tickets, officially because of Iron Maiden being such a huge draw. Probably true albeit I’m guessing the fact that booking agency Live Nation now is involved has quite a lot to do with that as well. It was too crowded last year and I heard lots of voices saying that SRF was over for their part because of that. Well, it was even worse this year and the queues outside the main entrance were at times colossal – I heard some people saying they had been stuck in them for up to an hour. Not ok. How many tickets that were sold this year can only be speculated upon but it felt like lots more than last year. That’s not the way to go if they want to keep their true costumers.

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One comment on “Sweden Rock Festival 2019

  1. Great recap! I always enjoy reading this on a yearly basis! Your right about the KISS Setlist they need to shake it up but they won’t! Why Leppard still plays Rock On is beyond me. So many great originals yet they still do it.
    Thanks for sharing..

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