Queensrÿche – The Verdict

It looks like the world of Queensrÿche is never easy but on the other hand, it never gets dull either. The whole Geoff Tate debacle has been dwelled on enough by now but even when the band should be in a good place, things happen. First, drummer Scott Rockenfield took a paternity leave of absence to be at home with his newborn child which had the guys touring with a temporary replacement, Casey Grillo (Kamelot). When it was time to start writing for the new album, Scott wasn’t involved and when they didn’t hear from him whether he’d be back soon or not, the guys decided to record the album without him. As singer Todd LaTorre having a past as a drummer he took it upon himself to do the drum parts. If Scott will come back to the band at all or not remains to be seen.

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3 comments on “Queensrÿche – The Verdict

  1. Scott’s going through a divorce. People on reddit found the filing. Misty and Scott Rockenfield are dealing with that. I hope he comes back.

    Great review…I want it.

    • Ah. Didn’t know that. And neither did Todd apparently because in a recent interview in Sweden Rock Magazine he didn’t know squat about Scott’s whereabouts…

      • Even if he did know I dont think he’d tell. Reddit can be a weird place but they had a screenshot of the divorce filing.

        I hope he comes back one day, but Ryche should go on doing business as usual

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