Tora Tora – Bastards of Beale

I first heard of this American Rock band back in the late 80’s when their video, “Walkin’ Shoes”, taken from their debut album Surprise Attack (1989) was played on Headbanger’s Ball every now and then. I thought the song was ok but I never gave the band much notice. The same thing happened when Vanessa Warwick started to plug the leading single “Amnesia” from their 1992 follow-up Wild America. To me, that song sounded like a grittier Great White and I really dug it so I had a friend making me a copy of that album. Even though I found it ok, that copy never got played that often and I soon forgot about it. When I found out that Tora Tora – the band name taken either from a Van Halen song or a Japanese movie from 1970 – had reunited, I decided to dig Wild America up for another taste – and lo and behold, this time it really hit home. It’s a damn good record full of crunchy Hard Rock with its feet in the 70’s but with a sleazy 80’s vibe.

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