Blood Red Saints – Pulse

When I got my reviewer’s link to UK melodic rockers debut album Speedway back in 2015, I thought that they were just another bunch of middle-aged dudes who got a second chance on making the album they should have recorded decades ago and that they would be gone sooner than later. It wasn’t like the album set the world on fire and personally I found it a good record that didn’t make that much impact on me and to be honest, I haven’t exactly played it to death since it came out. And it would take them three years to release their second album Love Hate Conspiracies, an album that bettered their debut in many ways. For starters, it was a bit heavier – Blood Red Saints went from AOR to Melodic Rock there, but mostly, the songs were better. After only one year, BRS are back with another album as if to show us that they are here for the long run. The question is, in a day and age where three years – at least – between records is the norm, will this be a rushed project or an ever better effort?

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