Jetboy – Born to Fly

Filed under “Didn’t make it then, won’t make it now!” I know, a bit harsh but the fact is, Jetboy were one of those American Sleaze-Glam-Hard Rock bands from the late 80’s that never really made it big back in the day. There are a bunch of those bands that have decided to reunite 30 years later (Tora Tora, Babylon A.D., Black ‘N Blue to mention a few) and the bitter truth is that they most likely won’t make it big this time around either. Remember, I never said they sucked because whether they were bad or good is beside the point. For me, however, Jetboy for me weren’t of any interest back then. I saw a couple of videos on Headbanger’s Ball, noticed that they had ex- Hanoi Rocks bassist Sam Yaffa in the band as the replacement for the deceased Todd Crew, but those songs never made an impact on me at all and I never either owned or listened to any of their albums.

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