Devil’s Hand – Devil’s Hand

So Mike Slamer is back with another project. It was quite a while since he showed any signs of life musically, something I think is a pity as Mike Slamer usually equals quality. City Boy, Streets and Steelhouse Lane are a few bands where he and his cohorts have provided us with high-quality Melodic Rock, Hard Rock and AOR. I must admit, though, that I’m not at all familiar with his Seventh Key project, which is weird as I really dig the man’s other work. The last time I heard anything from the guy was in 2006 when he released an album called Nowhere Land under the Slamer moniker. Back then, Terry Brock (Strangeways, Giant) was hired as the singer and he did a brilliant job. The album itself was also a real killer, full of heavy yet melodic Hard Rock and AOR tracks. When Slamer now returns after years of silence, it’s with singer Andrew Freeman (Last In Line, Hurricane, Lynch Mob) at the mike, another dude with an amazing set of pipes. And of course, this is an album released with lots of anticipation to go with it.

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