Halestorm – Vicious

Finally a new album by Halestorm! I was a late bloomer when it comes to Halestorm but I finally got caught in 2015, a few months after their second album The Strange Case Of… was released. Halestorm were formed as early as 1997 by then teenage siblings Elisabeth “Lzzy” Hale (lead vocals, guitar) and Arejay Hale (drums) who recruited guitarist Joe Hottinger and bassist Josh Smith. It would take them until 2005 to sign a record contract with Atlantic Records and in 2006 they released their debut E.P. One And Done, now out of print. It would take the band three more years to release their self-titled debut album, an album that didn’t exactly made the band superstars. It was first with the band’s second release that breakthrough would show up. With songs like “Love Bites”, ” I Miss The Misery” and “Here’s To Us”, the band gained lots and lots of airplay on Rock radio and the band took off like a rocket.

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One comment on “Halestorm – Vicious

  1. I’m glad you liked it since I have the vinyl on order. I liked their last album, so saying this is their best is making me happy.
    I met the band after a show a few years ago and they were really friendly and took the time to talk to all of their fans outside. They signed my stuff and we chatted about Dio (they were on his tribute album and their song kicks butt)
    Good people.

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