Jean Beauvoir – Rock Masterpieces Vol 1

Here’s a guy that should be bigger than he is considering all the great tunes he have written and co-written throughout the years. I first got to know the name Jean Beauvoir through Kiss, he helped Paul Stanley write great 80’s Kiss gems like “Thrills In The Night”, “Uh! All Night” and “Who Wants To Be Lonely” and as a huge Kiss fan, it was natural to check out Beauvoir’s work that didn’t include Kiss as well. However, I must admit that my ride with Jean has been a bumpy one. His first band The Plasmatics are a band I’m still not familiar with at all. I’m not into Punk at all so I have ignored that band on purpose. And the first time I heard his solo single “Feel The Heat” made me so disappointed that I didn’t bother with any of his solo stuff until much later.

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