Johan Kihlberg’s Impera – Age of Discovery

After three great albums – Legacy Of Life (2012), Pieces Of Eden (2013) and Empire Of Sin (2014) – with the line-up that featured singer Matti Alfonzetti (Bam Bam Boys, Jagged Edge, Skintrade), guitarist Tommy Denander and bass player Mats Vassfjord (Laney’s Legion, 220 Volt, Grand Design) it was time for a new chapter for drummer and founder J.K. Impera (aka Johan Kihlberg). Impera were a band that hardly played live and could easily be viewed as just a side project for the members of the group. But it was a brilliant band with all brilliant musicians and when Alfonzetti and Denander took their talents elsewhere, it wasn’t an easy task for Kihlberg to find replacements that were in the same league. At first it was said that guitarist Rob Marcello (Danger Danger, Laney’s Legion, The Defiants) would join but that one fell apart. It was also rumored that Kihlberg would turn his drum stool over to another drummer and only do rhythm guitar, keyboards, song writing and production. The vocal job was also a bit of a mystery and at one point I even heard John Corabi’s name mentioned.

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2 comments on “Johan Kihlberg’s Impera – Age of Discovery

  1. The first Youtube clip didn’t do much for me, but the second one did. The heavier tone and vocals are great.

    I would have loved of John Corabi (who put out a live album on Friday) would have been involved in any way. Even for just one song.

    • Corabi would have been a killer. Must check his live album out.

      If you liked the heavier tone on the second song I’d recommend you to check out the previous three Impera albums. I have reviewed all of them, just click on the links below the review.

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