Accept – The Rise of Chaos

To change the lead singer in a famous band can be lethal, especially if that lead singer is a big personality and even someone who many people associate the band with. Look at Mötley Crüe, they changed to a way better singer but the fans didn’t want to know. On the other hand, a band like Van Halen succeeded brilliantly with their change. At least the first time. Accept tried once, back in 1988, when they parted ways with Udo Dirkschneider, a true metal icon. David Reece was a great singer but he just wasn’t Accept enough. And the music had gone from metal to arena rock which didn’t sit well with the fans. So when Accept parted ways with Udo for the second time, we were many that thought that they was bound to fail. But the band and new singer Mark Tornillo proved us wrong. The new line-up’s debut album Blood Of The Nations (2010) gave us the classic Accept sound with a whole bunch of killer tunes and Tornillo’s voice was perfect for the band. They also proved that they still were a fantastic live-act full of passion and fire. Accept were born again, without the shadow of a doubt.

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2 comments on “Accept – The Rise of Chaos

    • The Tornillo era has never made a bad album, as far as I’m concerned. Blind Rage is up there with their immortal 80’s classics, Blood Of The Nations is pretty close as well.
      But I think that for the next album it’s probably time for Wolf and Peter to look for a new producer and maybe let the other guys in when it comes to write songs, otherwise there’s a risk that the band will stagnate.

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