Mr Big – Defying Gravity

In a day and age when the world is overpopulated by old reunited  80’s / 90’s hard rock bands, yes even bands from the grunge and nu-metal era are picking up where they left off, it’s certainly refreshing that so many of them have decided to not only trust their past glories and do the nostalgia act but also to release new music. The fact that moving forward and developing are so important to bands that they don’t care that they hardly sell any records anymore is actually pretty spectacular when you think of the fact that many of them used to sell millions back when. It’s also very refreshing that a lot of the bands are easily as good – and in some cases even better – as they were when they were fab. Stryper, Winger, Europe, Alice In Chains, Night Ranger, Soundgarden and Treat are some fine examples of bands in that category. And of course, Mr Big. Their self titled debut album from 1988 is a melodic hard rock classic today but after that one, Mr Big sure had their up and downs when it comes to the quality of the records. Albums like Bump Ahead (1993) and Hey Man (1996) didn’t set the world on fire sales wise but are underrated and contains shitloads of great songs while their second album Lean Into It (1991), that contained their biggest hit ever (“To Be With You”) was uneven. The albums Get Over It (1991) and Actual Size (2001) where Richie Kotzen had replaced Paul Gilbert were underwhelming and it was clear that Mr Big had overstayed their welcome by a few years.

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4 comments on “Mr Big – Defying Gravity

  1. Nice review. I especially like 1992. You scored the album a bit higher than me, but I have listened to it a lot, and each time I like it a little bit more.
    I have a request to review it as well, so I should have one out there soon.

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