Nickelback – Feed the Machine

Just for fun, I quickly ran through a bunch of other reviews of this album online, just to the see the score. And whadda you know, the slagging went on and on and on, with only a few reviews giving it the thumbs up. This is how it’s supposed to be, see, you SHALL hate Nickelback. I’m sure that many haters haven’t even given the band a fair shot – Nickelback are the pariah of rock and that’s that. One proof of that is Corey Taylor (Stone Sour/Slipknot) saying that singer/guitarist/main song writer Chad Kroeger is to rock what KFC is to chicken. As funny as that quote might be, it only shows just how predictable that comment is and when you think about that Taylor’s Stone Sour aren’t that much to write home about, it becomes even funnier. Kroeger’s answer to that is to call Stone Sour “Nickelback lite” – hilarious. That said, I was a Nickelback-hater myself many, many years ago, before I decided to cut the crap and give them a fair chance – and that’s when I changed my mind. I dig Nickelback. Albums like Dark Horse (2008) and Here And Now (2011) are awesome releases and even though their last album, 2014’s No Fixed Address didn’t manage to match those two, it was still a good album. So, it’s safe to say that I looked forward to this album – and it did come with some expectations to match.

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2 comments on “Nickelback – Feed the Machine

  1. I actually bought there first few albums. Even saw them live. They were a 70/80’s stadium rock band live with all the pyro and flashing lights. They were a nice change from the Nu Metal of the day. Then they became huge. They went for the sleaziness (old dudes singing about being in the back seat with a teenager comes off as gross), and lost me.
    Besides, being from Canada, I got to hear them about 59 times a day on the radio.
    Then there was the whole Chavril thing to hear about 59 times a day. No thanks.
    The first tune from this album lost me. The guitar work and drumming are good but his voice sounds a bit autotuney to me.
    Maybe I should give them another shot, but it may be a lost cause.

    • I actually feel the opposite. I hated the three first Nickelback albums. For me, it was Dark Horse that got me into the band and looking back before that album, I like The Long Road and All The Right Reasons. I think Nickelback are a better band today than they were in the beginning. I saw them live as well, on the Here And Now tour in 2015 and they were great then.
      But i can imagine you Canadian guys have been getting more than a fair share of this band – like a Nickelback overdose or something. 🙂

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