Secret Sphere – The Nature of Time

The first time I ever heard of Secret Sphere was when I was reading an article about Whitesnake, if my memory serves me right. Secret Sphere’s lead singer Michele Luppi is also the keyboard player in Whitesnake, see. I can’t say that I was overwhelmed by that information at all – and even less when it stood clear that this Italian five-piece plays some kind of power metal. Not my kind of metal, so to speak. But last year a streaming link of Secret Sphere’s then brand new live album One Night In Tokyo ended up in my mailbox. Now, I never reviewed that album because I just didn’t have the time  – and maybe that was just as well because I can’t say that I was overly impressed by the album. I had a few reasons for why that was but the biggest reason was that I just didn’t like the songs. I didn’t hate it, but nothing stuck and that was that. Kind of. Well, now it’s time for Secret Sphere to release another studio album – their 8th since their debut in 1999 but only their second with Luppi as the singer (the third if you count the re-recording of their second album A Time Never Come (2001) that was released in 2015) who joined the band in 2012. And the reason for this review is – another download link. So despite the live album that never caught on with me, I will do my best to listen to this record with an open mind

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