Mean Streak – Blind Faith

Mean Streak. I have always loved how that sounds. And how it looks in writing. I don’t know why, it just sounds… heavy. And cool. Maybe it’s because of the Y&T album and song with the same name. I love Y&T, they are one of my favourite bands and “Mean Streak” was the first tune I heard with them. Back in 1983, when it came out, I remember thinking “what a great name for a band”. There was an all female band called Meanstreak, but that is spelled wrong, the words should not be a one word. What is weird is that despite my love for this name, when this band finally arrived, I never checked them out. Not once. Why? No clue. Also, the band plays a traditional hard rock / heavy metal which should be to my liking. So if the download link hadn’t entered my mailbox then I’m not sure whether I’d had checked this album out all. Reading the press release it turns out that Max Norman produced this album. Well, Norman is responsible for the production on Y&T’s awesome Black Tiger (1982) album and he has also produced the likes of Ozzy Osbourne, Lynch Mob and Megadeth to name a few – and their drummer is Jonas Källsbäck who also handles the sticks in The Night Flight Orchestra, another favorite band of mine.

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