Mark Slaughter – Halfway There

I was seven or eight years old when I became a Kiss fan – and I never looked back ever since. No matter what musical styles I got into after that, be it punk, pop, rock or metal, Kiss were always there with me, through thick and thin. And no matter what musical styles Kiss brought with them, I always bought their albums. All of them. I loved Kiss and I still do. That also meant that I took in all former members’ solo projects. All of them too. So when guitarist Vinnie Vincent jumped the Kiss ship it was a complete no-brainer to buy the first Vinnie Vincent Invasion album more or less unheard when it came out in 1986. I loved – and still love – that album even though I always thought that singer Robert Fleischman was alway extremely annoying, especially in the higher register. So when he got the boot almost right away after the album’s release, I wasn’t that bummed. The first time I heard his replacement, Mark Slaughter, was when VVI released the second album All Systems Go (1988), another album I really dig. Slaughter’s voice wasn’t that far removed from Fleischman’s but it was way more comfortable for my ears.

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