DragonForce – Reaching into Infinity

Like so many other people, I first became acquainted with Dragonforce via the video game Guitar Hero which featured their song “Through Fire And Flames” from their third album Inhuman Rampage from 2006, something that turned out pretty weird when I found a burnt disc of their second album, 2004’s Sonic Firestorm. Some friend of mine had probably provided me with a burnt copy that I completely forgot about. I tried to play to “Through Fire And Flames” but gave up within 30 seconds and I never tried it again. Too fast, man. Too fast. To say that I became a fan through that song must be the overstatement of the year but I did try to work my way through Sonic Firestorm when I found it at home but even though I didn’t hate it, I really couldn’t cope with it either. Power metal was never my thing and to listen to seven minutes songs with guitars so fast they make Yngwie Malmsteen sound like a slow bluesman in comparison and drums running amok all over the place just gets the best of me – I admit that the album only made me nervous and I never really enjoyed it – even though I tried to listen to ita whole bunch of times. Apart from that album, I have only heard the odd song here and there and it safe to say that I have never been a fan

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