Kobra And The Lotus – Prevail I

The importance of music videos is something that has been discussed for many years now. Since streaming and torrent sites like Pirate Bay became the most common way to purchase music and the sales of records went down big time, the need for music videos more or less disappeared – at least for some years. Back when, videos existed only as a marketing product, a way to sell more records and when the sales went down, record companies couldn’t motivate to put out the dough for them. Also, shows like MTV has almost stopped playing any music videos and important rock shows like Headbanger’s Ball hasn’t been around since the early 90’s. But in later years more and more bands have started to make them again. YouTube is now an important source for marketing music and many bands are posting videos there to make a name for themselves. Me, I used to love watching rock videos but in later years I really don’t have time to watch them much – I do occasionally but mostly I look for videos to post here on my site. And that’s how I discovered Kobra And The Lotus, a band I had heard of and read about but never listened to. I was searching for promo videos for my Liv Sin review when Kobra And The Lotus’ video for their latest single “You Don’t Know” showed up in the video flow. I decided to give it a spin to see what they were all about and what do you know, it really hit home. Which in turn resulted in me checking out their new album. So I guess that music videos are relevant today after all.

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2 comments on “Kobra And The Lotus – Prevail I

  1. I might have to give KatL another shot. I know I really didn’t like their early stuff. I didn’t think the singer was very good on their first few videos. I heard the first single here and it didn’t even sound like the same singer. I know it is — but she’s gotten a lot better.

    • I think you should. I haven’t heard any of their old stuff but this album is really good. Very diverse and very catchy.

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