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When Sister Sin called it quits back in 2015, it came as a huge surprise to more or less everyone who had followed the band throughout the years. Few bands seemed more committed to their music than Sister Sin. The band released records every second year and they toured their asses off as soon as they possibly could. To me, it looked like Sister Sin would be in it for the long run, a band that would never give in until they had achieved what they set out to get – world domination. And if you ask me, I believed that they would have gotten really big if they had toughen it out for a few more years. That’s easy for me to say, though – it’s not that it is an easy task to try to live on playing heavy metal nowadays when people don’t wanna pay for music anymore. But read any interview with lead singer / front woman Liv Jagrell, now Liv Sin, and you would find a woman obsessed with music and who loved every inch of being in a recording and touring band – yes, it was a shock to hear that they had decided to go separate ways. Now, the split wasn’t Liv’s fault or decision – she never wanted the band to end. If it had been up to her, Sister Sin would still be alive and well and out there kicking butts as we speak.

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