Harem Scarem – United

Some bands make it big and some don’t. Some bands don’t deserve to make it big (because they suck) and some bands really do. Unfortunately, the God of success don’t give flying f**k about how talented you are or how many great songs you have written, he/she just throws success out to the ones that comes around when he’s/she’s in a good mood. Well, it’s not that easy but sometimes you wonder why shitty artists sells gazillions of records and other artist with enough talent to sell doesn’t even sell records to their friends’ friends. But as we know, the world isn’t a fair place and sometimes shit just don’t work. One band I was sure would be a giant of rock is Canadian melodic hard rock band Harem Scarem. Even though they released their second – and probably their most famous – album Mood Swings in 1993 when grunge was about to kick everything melodic hard rock into the trash bin, I thought that they would rise above that. They had already released a self titled debut album in 1991, an album I didn’t know existed until a few years ago, without getting international attention much, but with the second release, things started to move upward for the band. But my interest in the band would be short-lived.

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2 comments on “Harem Scarem – United

    • Thanx.
      I haven’t heard the live album. Fact is, I didn’t even know about it. Might have to check that one out as I’ve never heard Harem Scarem live before.

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