Kiss – Tele2 Arena, Stockholm, 2017-05-06

I’ve been a Kiss fan for almost all of my life. When I was a kid, most guys were Kiss fans even if you haven’t heard a note from them. You loved Kiss and that was that. We had all seen the pics and everybody knew of them and Kiss were the shit. One day, my very cool – and three years my senior – neighbor asked me if I wanted to buy his cassette of Kiss Alive (1975) and of course, that was a no-brainer. I had never heard a note from Kiss, but Hell, it was Kiss, man – I just had to have it. So I got the money from my mom and the cassette was mine. I will never ever forget the feeling when I put the tape into my small player and the intro “You Wanted the best…” followed by the opening riff of “Deuce” broke loose. I was stunned, floored, knocked for six. I had never heard anything like it before and that was all it took for the seven-year old me to become a fan. A real fan that had actually heard their music, that is. After that, I saved up all my money to buy Kiss (and Sweet, to be honest) records and cassettes.

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14 comments on “Kiss – Tele2 Arena, Stockholm, 2017-05-06

  1. That sounds like a great night. Too bad you missed most of Raveneye.
    I missed their set completely whem the opened for The Darkness and I was pretty bummed.
    I love it when a band you love surpasses your expectations. I’m glad you got to see Kiss on a good night.

    • Yeah, well, I guess we had a bit too much of a good time at the pub…
      But from what I saw, I’m not sure that a huge arena is the right forum for that band. I dunno, I could be wrong. I wasn’t all that focused when I went into the venue.

    • Yeah, I know. Not only couldn’t Paul sing it, the tune itself is so out of place among the rest of the classic songs. And it’s not like they don’t have any better songs to chose from…

  2. Great review Jon! Too bad with the Creatures customs they couldn’t bring back the Tank for this tour…
    Hell bring back the Ankh!

    • Thanks.
      Yeah, that would be so cool. But Vinnie’s missing. Just the other day a Swedish documentary called “The guitarist who disappeared” was aired on Swedish TV. Pretty cool. Apparently, Vinnie had a sex change.

      • That news even made it over here. Apparently his name is now Angel. As long as he has found happiness that’s the important thing.

      • Well, apparently his new name isn’t Angel, it’s just a name he has brought to the public so that his real new won’t come out.
        That’s what the detective that was hired to find him for the documentary said, anyway.

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