The Doomsday Kingdom – The Doomsday Kingdom

To get burned out by work is a bitch. To get burned out by a job that you love must be a double bitch. Or ten times a bitch! So, when the good doctor tells us mortals that the only cure for hitting the wall is rest, rest and more rest, then that is what we do. We rest. No work, no stress, just sit at home, take it easy and watch movies, listen to music and be a softie. Now, everybody knows that it’s not as easy as it sounds – quite the opposite, it can be Hell. At least that’s what people who has gone through such a thing tells me. This is exactly what happened to Candlemass mastermind Leif Edling a few years back. So Leif stopped touring – he didn’t even tour with Candlemass, only an appearance here and there – and Candlemass is Edling’s band, his baby, his life’s work. So that must be unimaginably rough. But a guy like Edling just can’t sit idle doing nothing, that would probably drive him to the funny farm. So what to do? Write new music, of course. So while on sick leave from Candlemass, Edling started a new band called Avatarium – now two fantastic albums into their career – and when that band took off and stood steady on its own two feet, Edling simply started yet another band.

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