Crazy Lixx – Ruff Justice

“Quitting is for quitters”, is one great saying. One guy who has embraced this to the full is Crazy Lixx lead singer / song writer / frontman Danny Rexon. Crazy Lixx as a band aren’t exactly huge even though they sure have lots of fans around the world, but no matter how ruff (pun intended) things have gone and how many set backs the band has gotten in its face, Rexon – together with the other original member, drummer Joel Cirera – has refused to give in and for every set back, Crazy Lixx has landed on its feet and given us fans yet another great album to digest – and remember this, no Crazy Lixx album has ever been any worse than good. When they lost their own guitar hero Vic Zino to Hardcore Superstar, they simply found another one that was even better in Andy Dawson, who today goes by his real name Andreas Eriksson, when Cirera decided to quit, Rexon managed to talk him back and got a second guitarist in Edd Liam and when charismatic bass player Loke Rivano jumped the ship, they managed to recruit another big showman in Jens Sjöholm and together the five-piece recorded the best album of their entire career, the self-titled fourth album from 2014. After that Liam quit and was replaced by Jens Lundgren and this was the band that released the great live album Sound Of The Live Minority last year.

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