Deep Purple – Infinite

Deep Purple’s career has been a pretty rocky road since their reunion 1984. Line-up changes, deaths and a lot of ups and downs when it comes to the quality of their records has minted their career – which I think is kind of sad for a band of Deep Purple’s caliber. After all, they were one of the bands that started the whole genre we now call hard rock and heavy metal, together with Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Uriah Heep. The reunion album Perfect Strangers (1984) is today a true Deep Purple classic in its own right and deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as albums like In Rock (1970) and Machine Head (1972). The follow-up House Of Blue Light (1987) has gotten some mixed reviews from both fans and media. Song wise it’s a phenomenal album but suffers some from the too 80’s production. Singer Ian Gillan got the boot after that album and was replaced by Joe Lynn Turner (ex- Rainbow, Yngwie Malmsteen) for the ill-fated Slaves And Masters (1990). Turner was fired after that record / tour and Gillan came back for the underwhelming The Battle Rages On (1993) and since then nothing has been the same in the Purple camp. Ritchie Blackmore quit mid-tour and was temporarily replaced by Joe Satriani before the band settled on Steve Morse (ex Dixie Dregs, Kansas) as the permanent replacement and released the brilliant Purpendicular in 1996. The follow-up was called Abandon (1998), a record that I think is Purple’s worst effort ever. Too bad that album had to be keyboard player Jon Lord’s last album with the band. Lord succumbed to cancer in 2012 but by then he had already left the band.

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4 comments on “Deep Purple – Infinite

  1. Now that I have written my own review, I feel free to read yours! I did not want to contaminate my impressions before penning my review.

    Looks like we pretty much agree on everything and even gave the record the same score!

    I will say this — check out the included DVD. What Steve has to say about his physical abillity may be very surprising.

    • I must admit I haven’t read yours yet. been too damn busy with everything and this and that. I will take the time to read it tonight.

      I don’t have the DVD. I don’t even own the album yet, I got a promo CD.
      But I have heard that Steve has some health issues that might affect his future as a musician. If that’s the case it’s a huge bummer.

      • Yes that’s exactly. His picking hand has severe arthritis and he’s in a lot of pain. He had to change the way he plays, and he finds it limiting. And he doesn’t know how many albums or tours he has left before he simply has to stop playing.

      • That blows. Why do always bad things happen to the talented people? Jason Becker, anyone…?
        No more Purple, no more Flying Colors. I don’t like the thought of that. Poor Steve.

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