One Desire – One Desire

I can’t remember the last time an AOR / melodic rock band created such a buzz that Finish rockers One Desire did when they released the first single “Hurt” from their forthcoming self titled debut album. In Sweden, that is. I mean, rock radio in Sweden were all over the song and the DJs couldn’t stop saying nice and then more nice things about the song. And it wasn’t only the radio DJs, everywhere I heard people talking about the song’s greatness – even people who aren’t usually all that into that kind of music have been giving it thumbs up. That’s how a hype gets started. The band started out as OD by drummer Ossi Sivula and a motley crew of band members when he ran into his old pal guitarist Jimmy Westerlund (Sturm Und Drang) in 2014, who had just moved back to Finland from a stint in Los Angeles. Jimmy was first hired to produce a few songs with the band, but when the songs took a new turn musically and Frontiers became interested, Jimmy went onboard as the guitarist. A new singer was needed as well so Jimmy brought along his old Strum Und Drang buddy André Linman and the band went from OD to One Desire right there and then. When bass player Johan Kuhlberg (Cain’s Offering, Paul Di’Anno) was brought in, the band was complete and the rest is, as they say, history.

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