House Of Lords – Saint of the Lost Souls

I have to admit – I still have a hard time seeing House Of Lords as House Of Lords the band even though this line-up with singer James Christian, Guitarist Jimi Bell and drummer B.J. Zampa has been playing together since 2005, longer than any other line-up in the band’s history. Only the bass spot – which now is being held by Chris Tristram – has been unstable throughout the years. For some reason, all the records since Christian got the blessing from the band’s founder Gregg Giuffria to keep the name and released the come back album World Upside Down in 2006, brings the feeling of a James Christian solo project more than an actual band. I could be wrong here – and I probably am – but House Of Lords just don’t feel like a band to me. Maybe it’s because Christian’s solo records sounds too similar to House Of Lords’ albums or maybe it’s because the rest of the members seem to hold a bit of a back ground position opposed to the original line-up back in the 80’s where all members were more or less at the front. But that doesn’t mean that I think the other guys are bad by any means or that their music isn’t good enough – no, quite the contrary. The quality of their records hasn’t always been spot-on but except for the horrible The Power And The Myth (2004), no bad record have ever been released under the House Of Lords moniker.

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2 comments on “House Of Lords – Saint of the Lost Souls

    • Yeah, well, they still write really good songs and that is what matters in the end. I’ve seen that this album got some mixed reviews, no bad ones but there are a few that holds their last album lots better than this one. I don’t agree.

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