Eclipse – Monumentum

Despite being aware of this Swedish melodic hard rock sensation for many, many years, it took me all up until 2015 and their last record Armageddonize to surrender and discover just how great this band is. The fact that I have dug lead singer and main song writer Erik Mårtensson’s other projects such as W.E.T. and Ammunition makes it even weirder that I haven’t tried to pick up any Eclipse releases before. But after just a few spins, Armageddonize made me go back and check out Eclipse’s back catalogue and what I found there was a little bit of this and that. Albums such as Bleed And Scream (2012) and Are You Ready To Rock MMXIV (2014) (a re-recording of said 2008 album) were both great records whereas the two first albums The Truth And A Little More (2001) and Second To None (2004) were very underwhelming and sounded like a band that hadn’t really come top terms with their sound and was still learning as song writers. So I must admit that Armageddonize took me somewhat by surprise by its extremely high quality and that album made me a fan right away. The high quality of that album also – and on the other projects Mårtensson had been involved with, such as last year’s magnificent Nordic Union album added to the list – has of course put some pressure on the guys to come up with an effort at least as good as the rest of their stuff and to me, the expectations has shot like rockets into the atmosphere!

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2 comments on “Eclipse – Monumentum

    • Jeflar!
      En trött hjärna som missat två bokstäver…
      Tusen tack för att du gick in och påpekade det.

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