Night Ranger – Don’t Let Up

The fact that Californian melodic rockers Night Ranger never made it huge back in the 80’s is one of (many) mysteries in hard rock. The band’s sound was a perfect fit for that decade and the fact that the band wrote shitloads of high quality songs with all the hooks in the world, that they were all brilliant musicians and singers and that they had an identity and sound of their own didn’t make matters worse. The band came close when their ballad “Sister Christian” (Midnight Madness, 1983) became a huge hit (#5 in the US charts) and shipped said album platinum (1 000 000 000 sold albums in the US), something both its predecessor Dawn Patrol (1982) and the follow-up Seven Wishes (1985) also did. 1987’s underrated killer album Big Life only shipped gold (500 000 copies) and when the, also extremely underrated, but rougher sounding Man In Motion (1988) only managed to reach #88 on the Billboard chart, the ride was over and Night Ranger split. Sure, Night Ranger did have some pretty big success at home but outside of the US, they were a small band and never sold any large quantities of records. Which is weird when you consider the huge success of similar bands such as Bon Jovi and Def Leppard around that time – Night Ranger should have played in the same league in a fair world.

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