Place Vendome – Close to the Sun

Out of all the projects that Frontiers records have been responsible for, Place Vendome is probably one of the most popular. The self titled debut was originally meant to be a one-off, but it turned out so good – plus it sold well enough and got lots of critical acclaim from both reviewers and fans that a continuation was inevitable. Ex- Helloween singer Michael Kiske was hired for the job as a singer – I never thought I was going to see the day that Kiske sang AOR – while Kiske’s band buddy (today in Unisonic that is, not in 2005) Dennis Ward (Pink Cream ’69) was responsible for song writing, bass playing and production duties, but for the brilliant follow-up Streets Of Fire (2009) – the best Place Vendome album to date, in my opinion – a whole bunch of other song writers were brought in – still with Ward as a producer and bassist. That’s why it came as happy news to me when it was decided that a third release would take place in 2013,  The album was to be called Thunder In The Distance and they worked with this one like they did on the last one, Ward as producer and bass player and lots of song writers were hired.

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