The Murder Of My Sweet – Echoes of the Aftermath

echoes-of-the-aftermathBack in 2015, Swedish symphonic AOR-metal band / project The Murder Of My Sweet – led by drummer and song writer Daniel Flores and lead singer Angelica Rylin – released that year’s probably most surprising KO album, the concept album Beth Out Of Hell. Not that the album was the best album of 2015, it wasn’t, and not that I was surprised that they released a really good album because I wasn’t, but it surprised me that it was THAT good. Fact is, that album was nothing short of brilliant. See, the band’s two previous records were really good but I must admit, it’s not like I listen to them very often – it’s been quite a while since that happened – but that’s not the case with Beth Out Of Hell, that record is still safe and sound right in my iPhone – and in my CD collection. I know that to top an album like that is pretty much an impossible task and even though the band’s records have been better and better with each release and I have some really high expectations on the new album, I’m not sure that even I believe that this record will better the last one once again. But they did change the direction lyrically this time. The last album was a concept album, a cinematic record so this time they went in the opposite direction and wrote and album with separate themes for every song lyrically. The music, I reckon, will probably go in the same style of the last three albums.

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