Pride Of Lions – Fearless

pride_of_lions-fearlessWow. This is a band/project I haven’t given any thought in, well, more or less never, to be honest. I mean, I do know of this duo that is former Survivor keyboard player / guitarist Jim Peterik and lead vocalist Toby Hitchcock so a thought or two towards the band must have been going through my mind at some time, but it’s not like this AOR duo has made any impact on me. I received burnt copies of their self titled debut album that came out in 2003 and their second album The Destiny Stone (2004), but even though I didn’t dislike those albums per se, I wasn’t that impressed either. OK AOR but without anything that reached out and grabbed me at all, good but too forgettable is my verdict.  And forgot about them I sure did because I didn’t know that they have released no less than three albums back in 2003 – the debut, The Sound Of Home and Black Ribbons (Voices Of The World) (although it looks like the other two aren’t actual studio albums of original tunes from what I have figured out) and I had no clue what so ever about the fact that this album that I’m about to review is number five in their discography – the live album Live In Belgium (2006) excluded. Their last effort Immortal came out in 2012 – another album I didn’t know existed. Fact is, I thought that the two albums I had were the only two Pride Of Lions had ever made, so there you go. So it turns out that Pride Of Lions are an actual band and not just some side project that Peterik and Hitchcock throws themselves into when they don’t have anything better to do.

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