Stephen Pearcy – Smash

smashThe year was 1984 and I was listening to the radio, something I usually didn’t – and still don’t – do very often. This was some mainstream radio station and the reporter talked to a young female who had been living in the U.S. as an exchange student and one of her friends had dragged her along to see a concert with a band called Ratt. She told the reporter that she had been so knocked out by the gig and was now a huge Ratt fan so she asked the reporter could they play Ratt’s recent hit single “Round And Round”? They could – and did. Now, I had never heard Ratt before but I had heard the name mentioned because the band had made it big over there. It only took the opening riff for me to get completely blown away and I bought both the band’s self titled E.P. from 1983 and their debut full-length album Out Of The Cellar (1984) and became a fan right there and then. Invasion Of Your Privacy (1985) is in my book the band’s best album but also their last great one. Dancing Undercover (1986) had some really great songs but was a disappointment and both Reach For The Sky (1988) and Detonator (1990) proved that Ratt’s glory days were probably over even though both had some good song on them. Since then the band have split up, reunited, split up again and reunited once more with sliding doors for band members, both original and new ones, to come and go, making it really hard to for the fans to know who’s actually in the band at the time. As for now the line-up looks pretty stable – at least for the time being.

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8 comments on “Stephen Pearcy – Smash

    • I want a new Ratt album. If Pearcy could make an album like this on his own, just think the kind of album he could write together with De Martini and Croucier.

      • Agreed, Croucier have a great voice.
        I know this guy who works for a Swedish site named Rock News and he just had a chat with Pearcy who told him that him and Warren are gonna start writing songs for a new Ratt album by the end of the year. Good news indeed.

      • Nope. Blotzer has made his bed, according to Pearcy. He will never return to Ratt and he can never use the name himself again either.
        Pearcy wants Jimmy DeGrasso apparently.

  1. I was surprised at how good the album was. I just listened to it today on the way home from work. A new Ratt album would be great. We might get one within the next year from what I have read if all goes well.

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