Hevidence – Nobody’s Fault

hevidence_nobodys_fault_200One thing I love about writing reviews is that I get the chance to check out new music that I might never have stumbled over otherwise. I’m a sucker for finding new music – new bands, new records by old bands, old records by new bands – I also love when I’m wrong about an act that I might have slagged off before, when I hear that record that changes my mind about a certain band. So it’s always exciting when a new download link enters my inbox. But it’s not always fun, sometimes I get albums that I find awful and sometimes there are albums that just doesn’t do fuck-O for for me – you know, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. And every album that I find good and interesting enough is always a buy for me even though I got it for free in the first place – support the artists you dig! Hevidence are a new band for me, a band I had never heard of before. The band was formed by Italian guitar player Diego Reali in 2010 as Evidence and released an album, There’s Only Ten Left in 2011, but since Evidence went through so many line-up changed, Reali decided to change the name of the band as he believed that it wasn’t the same band anymore. I reckon the Hevidence moniker came to as he probably didn’t want to stray away from a name that might had been known to many (well…) people and that only adding an H would help old fans recognize who was involved in the band.

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