Last Autumn’s Dream – In Disguise

lad-in-disguiseAlready a new year, huh? I had just learned to write 2016 when it was time to write 2017 instead. And for AOR fans, another year also means a new album from Sweden’s fastest working melodic rockers Last Autumn’s Dream. I think that LAD holds the record for most reviewed albums on this site. Being an (almost) all studio project with no touring what so ever, the guys (read singer Mikael Erlandsson and drummer Jamie Borger) can concentrate on writing songs and release an album a year, just like bands did back in the day. I like Last Autumn’s Dream – especially since Erlandsson and Borger took over most of the song writing. To be honest, the band’s first seven albums, released from 2003 – 2010, never impressed the hell out of me, even though I believe they got better and better with each release. For me it all started with their 2010 release Yes – it’s actually still my favorite LAD album – and I have been a fan ever since. That said, I think that things have been a bit samey when it comes to the songs on their last albums, a little more variation would do them good. One thing they have always been good at, though, is doing covers. Jeff Paris, Beatles, Michael Bolton, REO Speedwagon and Sweet are few artists that LAD has covered – with the honor. When it was time to plan this album they had so many choices for cover tunes that they decided to take it all the way and record a covers album.

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