Enuff Z’Nuff – Clowns Lounge

0005819193_200Back in the days of the late 80’s / early 90’s when glam, sleaze and melodic hard rock were on a high, record companies signed everything that had a catchy melody, long hair and at least one cute member. It goes without saying that we got gushed with mediocre bands that were in the business for all the wrong reasons, to get drunk, high, laid and only played said music because it was the thing to do back then. many of those musicians would jump right onto the grunge band wagon a few years later and some bands got way too much exposure, much more than they deserved. On the other hand, there were bands that had everything – the sound, the songs, the musicianship, the look and they loved what they played, but never went nowhere anyway. Then there were bands that were very much part of the scene but had the guts to think out of the box and at least tried to put their own stamp on the music they released. One of these bands was Enuff Z’Nuff from Blue Island, Illinois. The look they sported in the time of their self titled debut from 1989 made them look like one of Poison’s relatives, a lot of make-up, hair spray, spandex, colours and dyed hair, but musically the band was a different beast. Sure, they had a lot of the melodic hard rock vibes that were popular at the times, but their love of Beatles and Cheap Trick made them stand out. The fact that the band never got their big break is one of the big mysteries of rock, especially when their second album Strength (1991) today is looked upon as a melodic hard rock gem. That album should have made the band superstars in a fair world.

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