Sixx A.M. – Prayers for the Blessed Vol. 2

prayers-for-the-blessedFor everyone who has read my reviews of Sixx A.M.’s previous albums, it’s no news that I am a huge fan of this band. The truth is, it was a long time since I found a band that could release album after album with such high quality and after four albums I still can’t find one song that I find crappy or even close to bad. Sure, there are songs, even if they are few, that I don’t find awesome or great, but the worst Sixx A.M. song ever written still qualifies as good. So I’m wondering, when will the first mediocre Sixx A.M. album come out? Hopefully never, but the more killer albums they release, the closer they get to that album, the mediocre one. Also, Sixx A.M. has turned out to be one hell of a creative band. This album is their fifth since the debut The Heroin Diaries back in 2007, but back then Sixx A.M. weren’t even a real band, but a project and that album was supposed to be a one only and it was nothing but a soundtrack to Nikki Sixx’s book by the same name. They weren’t even a real band by the time their second album, the masterpiece This Is Gonna Hurt, was released in 2011, even though they actually had played a few gigs live –  that album was also a soundtrack by another Sixx book with the same name. It wasn’t until the release of the very underrated third album Modern Vintage (2014) that they decided on making Sixx A.M. their first priority when Sixx and his buddies (hrrmmm…) in Mötley Crüe had decided that they would call it day after the next tour and guitarist D.J. Ashba quit his day job in Axl Rose’s solo band a.k.a. Guns N’ Roses.

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