Bon Jovi – This House is Not for Sale

this-house-is-not-for-saleA new Bon Jovi release used be like Christmas for me. I became a fan when a Swedish radio station played their first (hit) single “Runaway” just when their self titled debut album was about to be released in 1984. It knocked me out completely and I bought that album the day it was released and to this day I find their first five albums – Bon Jovi (1984), 7800 Fahrenheit (1985), Slippery When Wet (1986), New Jersey (1988) and Keep The Faith (1992) – amazingly good.  Things started to slip with their 1995 album These Days, by no means a bad album, but it was only 60% great, leaving the rest of the 40% jumping between crap to mediocre. After that album, Bon Jovi has never really been themselves again. Crush (2000) only had three great tracks, Bounce (2002) had even less and Have A Nice Day (2005) didn’t have one single stand-out track. But the big crash landing happened with the horrendous wanna-be country piece of junk album called Lost Highway (2007). On their earlier few records there were at least some traces of the band I had loved so dearly, but on that album every little trace of the classic Bon Jovi sound had been forlorn. That record is one of the worst cases of a great band going down the sewer I have ever heard in my life. After that, things didn’t get better, they only got less worse. The Circle (2009) was Bon Jovi trying to find some rock again, but they failed miserably. It was the same mainstream boring pop songs with the guitars a bit louder in the mix, nothing else. And Jon Bon Jovi’s words about the band having made a big arena rock album again with 2013’s What About Now were either lies or a bad case of disillusion.

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4 comments on “Bon Jovi – This House is Not for Sale

  1. No surprise here!

    I love Bounce. I consider it the last great Bon Jovi record. Richie was experimenting with new guitars and a heavier tone. Love that album, but none since.

    • I don’t think Bounce has enough memorable songs. It doesn’t suck but it’s too mediocre and all the ballads are horrendous. I really dig the title track, though.

      • Well, I’m not that big on Bon Jovi’s ballads, there are very few of them that I like. Living In Sin, Bed Of Roses, Lie To Me and Silent Night – that’s it.
        I think all of their ballads after These Days are real stinkers, actually.

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