The Answer – Solas

theanswer-16Back in 2013, when Irish classic rockers The Answer were about to release their fourth album New Horizon, lead singer Cormac Neeson told Classic Rock Magazine that if that album didn’t broke the band big, or at least made the band climb a couple of notches on the ladder of success there was a pretty big risk that the band would call it a day. See, the band had made everything in their power to make the band a success – writing killer song, recorded awesome sounding albums and toured their asses off, opening for everyone from Whitesnake and Paul Rodgers to AC/DC, but they simply never got the big break that they deserved. I feared. And hoped that people would buy shitloads of copies of that album. Because I love this band. I discovered them with their debut album Rise (2006), a fantastic album and the following records Everyday Demons (2009) and Revival (2011) are damn masterpieces in my world. To me, The Answer is a band that both could and should have massive success and play arenas around the world. But they’re not. And, luckily enough, they did not split up after New Horizon didn’t make them superstars.

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