Roth Brock Project – Roth Brock Project

roth-brock-projectJohn Roth and Terry Brock are two names in rock that probably won’t sell that many records. I’m not sure how many of the average rockers who even know who they are, but I have a feeling only the most investiture fans have a clue. I know who they are, but then again, I’m a nerd when it comes music (rock). For you who don’t know who they are, John Roth is a guitar player – a underrtated one, I might add – that plays second guitar to Reb Beach in Winger and was also the guitarist in the last line-up in Giant and he also joined Starship in 2012. Terry Brock is an American singer – from Georgia, Atlanta to be precise – who has released eight albums with Scottish AOR rockers Strangeways since the debut in 1984 and who’s third album Walk In The Fire (1989) is an AOR masterpiece. He was also the lead singer and co-song writer on the extremely underrated Mike Slamer album Nowhere Land (2006). Brock was also the guy who replaced Dan Huff as the singer in Giant on their disappointing 2010 album Promise Land, an album that also included John Roth. It’s not a wild guess that said album was where Roth and Brock got in touch for the first time, but since this album is released by Frontiers Records, I suspect it was the record company in question that made the guys work together – Frontiers is a company known to pull stunts like that.

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