Glenn Hughes – Resonate

glenn-hughes-resonance-lpAbout a week ago, I wrote a review of Dee Snider’s new album and I pointed out what a roller-coaster career he has had. Well, here’s another dude with a similar career with ups and downs like I don’t know what. As we all know, Glenn started his career in the band Trapeze which also featured guitarist Mel Galley (Whitesnake, RIP 1948 – 2008) and drummer Dave Holland (Judas Priest), before he got the gig as bassist and vocalist in Deep Purple, replacing Roger Glover. After Purple split in 1976, Hughes recorded a solo album, Play Me Out in 1977, that bombed, after which he (1982) made a brilliant album with guitarist Pat Thrall under the Hughes/Thrall moniker before things turned awfully quiet from the Hughes camp. In 1985 found himself in Gary Moore’s band, a stint that ended more or less before it had started, the same year he sang on the fantastic project Phenomena and in 1986 he sang on what was supposed to be Tony Iommi’s first solo album but became the Black Sabbath album Seventh Star but he only managed three gigs on the tour before he was fired and replaced by Ray Gillen (Badlands, RIP 1959 – 1993). After Sabbath, Hughes tried to form a band with John Norum (Europe) but that fell apart faster than you could say running nose and all of this shit happened to Hughes because of one thing: drugs! But Hughes would prove to everyone that he wasn’t a quitter, he showed cocaine the door and shaped up and the first thing we got was when he sang all the songs except three on John Norum’s brilliant album Face The Truth (1992) before he started to make plans for a solo career.

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