Dee Snider – We are the Ones

we-are-the-onesIf you want to look at a roller-coaster career then look no further than the career of Twisted Sister singer Dee Snider. When Twisted Sister started, Dee Snider wasn’t even a member of the group and it wasn’t until he joined up with guitarist Jay Jay French (John Segall) in 1976 that things started to happen with the band. The addition of guitarist Eddie Ojeda became the first edition of what was about to be the version that people see as the original one. After an endless line of bass players and drummers, Dee, Jay Jay and Eddie finally added drummer Anthony Jude (A.J.) Pero and Mark “The Animal” Mendoza and that was when the line-up everybody knows and loves was completed. Playing at places that took somewhere between 3000 – 5000 people without even having a record deal was more than impressive but what’s really confusing is that they had such a hard time getting one. In the beginning it was the shortage of really good songs that was the reason to that, but even when Dee Snider brought in his own hard, aggressive yet melodic and catchy tunes, record companies were reluctant to sign the band. But finally in 1982, Secret records decided to sign the band and they released their now classic debut album Under The Blade (1982). But the album didn’t exactly set the world on fire and the ink hadn’t even dried on the contract when the record went bankrupt and the band was once again without contract. But some dude at Atlantic Records saw the potential within the band and signed them. You Can’t Stop Rock ‘n’ Roll was released in 1983 and that album gave them a big hit with “I Am (I’m Me)” and the album started to run up the charts. Ironically, it was the band’s mega selling album Stay Hungry (1984) that both made them a platinum selling arena band and also was the beginning of the end. See, Twisted Sister were always an angry heavy metal band with an outrageous image, but it was their videos to “We’re Not Gonna Take It” and “I Wanna Rock” that sold the album and since the videos were made with a lot of humor and the songs had a lot of pop in them, that mixed with their image, Twisted Sister became an act that attracted little kids and even the parents, the ones that the band once revolted to, started to dig the band and all of that made the “true” metal heads look at Twisted Sister as a joke and a circus act and a band for the daycare centre.

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