Sweet Creature – The Devil Knows My Name

the-devil-knows-my-name“If it wasn’t for bad luck I would have no luck at all”, sang Mötley Crüe on their song “Keep Your Eye On The Money” from Theatre Of Pain (1985) and since Mötley Crüe clearly were an influence on Sweden’s most glam-sleazers Crashdïet, that line really fits to describe Crashdïet’s career. Just when Crashdïet were bound for greatness, Diet’s lead singer Dave Lepard committed suicide in 2006, only one year after their critically acclaimed debut album Rest In Sleaze was released. If it wasn’t enough to lose a dear friend and fellow band member, the band’s career was about to hit shit creek as well. Singer number 2, Olliver Twisted (now Olli Herman, singer in Finish pop-glamsters Reckless Love) only lasted one album (The Unattractive Revolution, 2007) and when they finally found a vocalist that fitted the band like a glove, Simon Cruz,  he also quit the band – in 2015 after two really good albums, Generation Wild (2010) and The Savage Playground (2013), just when the band had grown bigger and their future looked really bright. Stuff like this sure is enough for anyone to throw in the towel and put the band to rest. If Crashdïet’s story has come to an end is open for speculation but nothing definite has been said of the matter but what’s clear is that guitar player Martin Sweet have moved on to do his own thing for a while – a thing he has chosen to call Sweet Creature. Martin’s new outfit is something he will run at the same time as his pretty new membership in Swedish glam/punk/metal outfit Sister, whom he joined earlier this year.

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