Hardline – Human Nature

hardline-16Right in a time – 1992 – when grunge was about to take over the music scene completely, a band called Hardline released their debut album Double Eclipse, an album today seen as a melodic rock / AOR classic. It was the two brothers, Johnny (vocals) and Joey Gioeli (guitar) who had joined forces with bass player Ted Jensen (Harlow) for a new band. Fresh from a two album sejour with the band Bad English, former Journey guitar player Neal Schon and drummer Deen Castronovo (Journey, Revolution Saints) joined forces with the threesome and formed the band Hardline. In 1992 there was still a melodic hard rock scene, but both record sales and concert attendance had started to drop for bands in that genre, but Hardline managed to ship the album platinum and getting really big hits with the songs “Hot Cherie” and the ballad “Can’t Find My Way Home”. Despite the success, the band fell apart after just one tour with Schon and Castronovo reuniting Journey and when that happened brother Joey and Jensen also left, which meant that Hardline were no more. In 1998, Johnny Gioeli resurfaced as the singer in German guitarist Axel Rudi Pell’s band, replacing singers Jeff Scott Soto and Rob Rock, a position he still holds to this day.

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One comment on “Hardline – Human Nature

  1. I always considered Hardline to be part of the Journey discography, same with early Bad English. You’re right, Double Eclipse didn’t reinvent the wheel, but it was fresh. It created a real buzz at the time.

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