Tyketto – Reach

0005665140_200The year was 1991 and a new band called Tyketto – formed by former Waysted singer Danny Vaughn, guitarist Brooke St James, bassist Jimi Kennedy (who was replaced by Jamie Scott three years later) and drummer Michael Clayton (who changed his last name to Arbeeny in later years) had just released their debut album Don’t Come Easy on the DGC (David Geffen Company) label, a sister label to the hugely successful Geffen Records, who had bands like Guns N’ Roses, Whitesnake, Aerosmith and Tesla in their stable. There was a kind of buzz about the band then and when Headbanger’s Ball started to plug the video for their debut single “Forever Young”, we were a large bunch of rockers who truly believed that Tyketto were the next band to make it really big. But 1991 was the last great year for melodic hard rock before grunge killed that scene off. Tyketto never made it big and after the follow-up Strength In Numbers (1994) totally bombed, singer Vaughn jumped the ship. By then, Geffen had already dropped the band and their new label Music For Nations couldn’t do much to break the band. After a weak and unfocused album called Shine in 1996, then fronted by former Tall Stories and future Journey vocalist Steve Augeri, the band called it quits.

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