Kee Marcello – Scaling Up

200x200Ever since I first laid my eyes (and ears) on Kee Marcello and his then band, the glam rocking Easy Action, in an obscure documentary that featured a concert with the band some 30+ years ago that Swedish television broadcasted for some weird reason, I have been a huge fan of his guitar playing. Why they showed that documentary is still not clear because back in 1984, Swedish television wasn’t that big on viewing hard rock at all, but they did. Me, I wasn’t an Easy Action before that, quite the contrary. I knew about them because they had been featured quite heavily in Sweden’s biggest youth magazine (a mag that wrote about all kinds of music, TV series and movies) and some of the members came from a very big pop band called Noice (yes, that’s how they spelled it) and I hated Noice, so I didn’t care for Easy Action one bit. But that changed after said documentary – I became a major fan right there and then. Easy Action later turned from a glam rock band with big Sweet, Bowie and Alice Cooper influences into an AOR band where the influences were more Journey and Toto (and a change of singer from Zinny Zan (later Shotgun Messiah) to Tommy Nilsson) and that version released the very underrated second album That Makes One in 1986. But by then, John Norum had left Europe and that band hired Marcello just weeks before the release of That Makes One. They way I see it, Europe became a better band with Marcello and if Kee had been showing off his guitar playing skills pre-Europe, the two albums he released with the band – Out Of This World (1988) and Prisoners In Paradise (1991, an album we’ll get back to in this review) – really put him on the map as a world-class player among the greats. But Europe split when grunge came knocking and Kee went back to Sweden with a cocaine habit and a new band, Red Fun, that bombed completely. A bit unfair, since Red Fun were a really good band.

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