Idlewar – Impulse

idlewar-impulseBeing a music (rock) fan who loves to find new exciting bands, it’s always nice to find an unheard band’s record in my mailbox. Of course, being the sole writer for this site, it’s impossible to make the time to write a review of every album that comes my way, so there are and will always be records that falls on the way side – and I’m sure I have missed out on a few really cool albums because of that. There have also been albums that I have found really uninteresting but reviewed anyway. See, if I make the time to carefully listen to a record, I make sure to review it the best I can, even if I feel that the record in question might have been one of those I maybe should have skipped. Why I found the debut full length album Impulse by Orange County, CA rockers Idlewar interesting enough to check out even though I hadn’t heard of the band before beats the Hell out of me – I just did. Idlewar is a three-piece power trio which formed in 2014 and has one 5 track E.P. called “Dig In” behind them prior to this record.

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