Alter Bridge – The Last Hero

alter-bridge-the-last-heroIt took me a really long time to apprehend the greatness of Alter Bridge. When they first started out, I wasn’t the least interested in them and the reason for that is spelled Creed. 3/4 of Alter Bridge – guitarist Mark Tremonti, bassist Brian Marshall and drummer Scott Philips – were once, together with singer Scott Stapp, the band Creed and Creed were never my thing, to me they were only a more radio friendly, poor man’s version of Pearl Jam. But Creed called it quits after a turbulent tour in 2003 where singer Stapp went loony and through the ashes of Creed, Tremonti, Marshall and Philips formed Alter Bridge with their new guitar playing lead singer Myles Kennedy (ex – The Mayfield Four) and in 2004 they foursome released their debut album One Day Remains, an album that went Gold in the States and got some really good reviews. But to me, they were nothing but Creed with another singer so I didn’t bother with that album. Neither did I bother with the follow-up Blackbird (2007), an album that only sold half as much as its predecessor. It would take until 2010 when I got my shit together and gave the band a chance due to a song on compilation CD from Classic Rock Magazine lifted from their the new album AB III – and, of course, that I heard the mighty Myles Kennedy sing with Slash. That song (and the Slash connection) – I don’t remember which song it was – made me check out the whole album and the album totally floored me. AB III was a brilliant record and as far as I was concerned, they didn’t sound like Creed at all – and Myles Kennedy turned out to be an amazing singer. Alter Bridge’s last album Fortress (2013) was a killer as well (an album I only gave 8/10 when today I think it’s a very strong 9/10) – I can’t make up my mind about which one I love the most so let’s call it a tie – and it proved to me that AB III wasn’t just a lucky shot. The first two records, then? Well, they’re not bad but I just can’t seem to make them stick – good, but not great.

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6 comments on “Alter Bridge – The Last Hero

  1. Wow, I guess you learn something new every day. I had no idea about this band’s connection to Creed! That should be a strike against them but since I’m already a fan I’ll allow it.

    I love GNR and became familiar with Alter Bridge through Myles’ connection with Slash. Really dig the Fortress record, and this new one is really strong as well. Talented band, and The Last Hero is definitely worth checking out.

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