Y&T, Göta Källare, Stockholm, 2016-09-30

dave-menikettiAnother year, another Y&T gig – and no one is happier than me. I remember back in the 80’s when as a huge Y&T fan, I was wondering why the Hell this band never showed up in my little country. I mean, every band and their mother played here so why not Y&T? I loved the band, I had a lot of friends who loved the band and they had a pretty big following in Sweden. Hell, back in 1984, their then new album In Rock We Trust showed up at our top 20 chart, so they did sell albums as well. But nope, no Y&T concert in sight. It took all the way to 2003 when Sweden Rock Festival gave them a call and asked if they might wanna reunite for a gig. They did – it was their second reunion – and original members Dave Meniketti (lead guitar, lead vocals), Philip Kennemore (bass, 1953 – 2011) and Leonard Haze (drums, 1955 – 2016) together with new guitarist John Nymann played a fabulous gig in front of a really big crowd, a gig that made the band come back they year after to play another killer gig and with that, Y&T were back in action again and since they have visited Sweden every year to play. Due to health reasons, Haze quit the band shortly after and was replaced by Mike Vanderhule, a line-up that was consistent until bass player and the core of Y&T with Meniketti bit the dust in 2011, losing a battle with cancer. His replacement Brad Lang played in the band until this year when he left to treat his alcoholism. That meant that this gig was the first one in Sweden for new bass player Aaron Leigh.

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