Lordi – Monstereophonic: Theaterror vs. Demonarchy

lordi-monsterephonicLet me tell you, I’m such a big sucker for the underdog, for the dedicated musicians and artists that keeps on doing what they love and never give in an inch and refuses to compromise what they do. Lordi started out as far back as 1992 but it would take them 10 years to release their debut album Get Heavy in 2002. For the first few years and albums – the follow up The Monsterican Dream came out in 2004 – Lordi were, to most parts of the world, an underground phenomenon that despite writing catchy hard rock tunes and having a number one single in Finland for “Would You Love A Monsterman” from the debut. The guys went all in on creating a big horror theater with masks and huge costumes that made Kiss, Alice Cooper and W.A.S.P. look like a kids’ masquarade in comparison. Also, the guys showed that they could write some really catchy and hitty songs that bore much resemblance to bands such as Bon Jovi, Europe, late 80’s Kiss, stuff that easily could (should?) have been hits but they weren’t strangers to pure heavy metal either, a good mix that could satisfy both fans of the heavier stuff and the more soft and poppy fans. The thing is, I often wonder if the big costumes and masks were a hinder for the band in the beginning, that maybe they would have had their hits if they were just a regular band. But things would change drastically for the band. Back in 2006, against all odds the band participated in the Finnish version of the Eurovision Song Contest and what was even more surprising, they also the won the whole ESC. The fact is, Lordi actually won that contest bigger than any other act in ESC’s history – the artist on second place didn’t stand a chance. But that was also the band’s downfall. Overnight, the whole world knew who Lordi were and the song in question, “Hard Rock Hallelujah” became a monster (sic!) hit all over the world. But in tow of the contest came the fact that Lordi became a circus, one for small kids – a Lordi gig wasn’t underground anymore and their early fans probably had it with sharing venues with whole families that came just to hear THAT song and had no clue what the band was all about. In just a few years, Lordi had went from an underground heavy metal band to huge to a band that most rockers didn’t wanna know and it has since then been almost shameful to admit that you like the band. Nothing is more untrue for a true rocker than being a Lordi fan. How ridiculous.

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