Airbourne – Breakin’ Outta Hell

200x200When it comes Aussies Airbourne, they’re a clear case of “love them or hate them”. They have many fans that loves their no bullshit, kick-ass rock ‘n’ roll and doesn’t give a shit about their clear influences from AC/DC (and Rose Tattoo). Then there are the other side that hates their guts and proclaims as often as they can that Airbourne aren’t anything else than just another AC/DC copy-cat band. On stage, these guys are all about sheer energy and they kick ass like there’s no tomorrow and every gig is one big party. Myself, I fell instantly in love with the band as soon as I heard their debut Runnin’ Wild (2007) and their “we don’t give a fuck” attitude sure was contagious. As an adult with my teenage years way, way behind me, it felt really good to feel that young rock ‘n’ roll rebel spirit in me showing up again – even though it was only for the short time the album was on. But after a while, I had to raise the question: For how long can this band keep playing this kind of music without repeating themselves? I mean, AC/DC, sure, they have stayed true to their style since Jesus went to pre-school, but except for a few albums in the mid / late 80’s, AC/DC managed to vary their songs enough in a the-more-we-stay-the-same-the-more-we-change kind of way. But that’s AC/DC. For a band like Airbourne, you either stay true to the sound you have and run the risk of going on repeat or you change the sound and run the risk of losing your identity. They chose the former and released No Guts, No Glory in 2010, a record that did put them on repeat with songs that weren’t anywhere near the greatness of the debut, even though it wasn’t bad. Only a few songs made feel like the debut did and I actually started to wonder if that was it for the band. Maybe this was as far as they could get with this kind of music. But with their third album, Black Dog Barking (2013), they showed that, without changing one iota, they were back on track again

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6 comments on “Airbourne – Breakin’ Outta Hell

  1. My deluxe version is ordered. Was supposed to be sent out but had issues with the supplier.
    The deluxe version was limited supply through the bands website and has since been sold out.
    I will wait until mine arrives until I read this review.
    I am going on an Airbourne kick starting today where I review their albums in order, and more if you want to check it out.

  2. Joel fell off the stage the other day and hurt his leg.
    He had to finish the set on a chair ala Dave Grohl.
    I guess there will be no climbing up stuff on stage for the rest of this tour.

  3. Your review just made me want to purchase this album! Like the fact that its just all hard rockers ….Nice to have some Rock releases are just Balls To The Walls Rock…ie….no fluff!
    Good Stuff Jon!

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