Seven – Shattered

sevenshatOnce upon a time (the eighties) in Great Britain there was a little band called Seven. Like so many other bands in the 80′ rock scene, Seven played melodic hard rock with a big chunk of AOR, they had the cute looks and all the cool clothes and like so many others, they were set for world domination. Well, in reality, the band – singer Mick Devine, guitarist Keith Mcfarlane, bassist Pat Davey, drummer Austin Lane and keyboardist Simon Lefevre – got themselves a manager in John Wolff (The Who, John Parr) who got them on shitloads of tours, even with full-blown pop acts such as Jason Donovan (anyone remember him, Kylie Minogue’s old boyfriend?), Richard Marx and The Monkees. Maybe not the most optimal gig for a rock band but they did reach out to really big crowds. In turn, the band got in touch with the head on Polydor Records who had attended a show with his family. Clearly impressed, he got to hear Seven’s demos, which they had a lot of (some of the songs had actually been played on Radio One in GB) and offered them a deal to record a couple of singles. The rumour that Seven actually recorded a full album that later got shelved and the band dropped is inaccurate. Two singles, “Inside Love” and “Man With A Vision”, was recorded and released with John Parr (“St Elmo’s Fire (Man In Motion)”) producing, but that was all that came out of the deal and for reasons unknown to me the band split up, leaving at least two albums worth of demo material.

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